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Whenever you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a trucking accident and you have any doubt concerning what legal claims you may have against the trucker, the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., will help you evaluate your case and identify all claims that you have against the trucking company.

If you are in the Chicago area and find yourself dealing with injuries from:

• tractor-trailer collisions with passenger vehicles;
• truck-pedestrian accidents and injuries;
• truck-motorcyclist accidents and injuries;
• injuries caused by a semi-trailer;
• farm tractor/ equipment-related injuries,

Let the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., be your legal guide and deliver for you at a time of great need. With many years of experience, we at the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., understand what you are going through and can get you the results you seek to attain for your injury. No case is helpless and no client cannot be helped.

Truck accident cases involve gathering, reviewing, and analyzing a lot of information and evidence. You need lawyers with the experience and capability of investigating and winning such cases for their clients, The Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., has the capability to handle such cases that require substantial review and discovery. One of the ways we have measured our success in the past many years is by the large number of Chicago area clients who refer their family and friends to our practice.

Fundamentally, trucking accident cases are about holding people and corporations responsible for their negligence. At the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., we strive to stay up-to-date on all state and local trucking ordinances, legislation, and other oversight over the trucking industry. That way our injured clients can be rest-assured that no loopholes or technicalities will deny them the just compensation that they deserve.

At the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., we have the knowledge and training to help anyone in the Chicago area get the results they desire. When you choose us as your attorneys, you would be choosing legal professionals who are dedicated and committed to working on your behalf immediately and relentlessly – professionals who will work on your behalf until you obtain the compensation you need to help you rebuild your life and overcome your injury.

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