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  • False Arrest and Malicious Prosecution;
  • Police Shootings;
  • Police Misconduct;
  • Police Brutality/ Excessive Use of Force (including Deadly Force);
  • Violation of civil rights under 42 U.S.C. Section 1983

Civil rights violations are some of the most offensive and egregious types of violations because they involve persons in positions of trust and authority. We live in a society of laws and no one is above the law, including the police and government officials. When you need a civil rights attorney in Chicago and its surrounding areas, look no further than Attorney Morris A. Anyah to protect and enforce your civil rights, using his legal experience, skills, and judgment.

Here at the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, LLC., we firmly believe that our Federal and state constitutions apply equally to everyone and they provide protections against violations of your civil rights by persons in positions of authority. Even a single case of police use of excessive force or an unjustified police shooting is one too many and should never be condoned. Unfortunately, just having laws on the books are often insufficient in making those in positions of power respect our civil rights.

As a civil rights attorney in Chicago, Illinois, Morris Anyah is relentless and aggressive in pursuing justice on behalf of his clients. He recognizes that civil rights cases are some of the most difficult and complex to properly investigate, unearth, and pursue because the potential defendants wield much power in society. As an experienced civil rights attorney in Chicago, Attorney Anyah knows how to break through organizational cultures, practices, and other barriers that have the practical effect of shielding information from public disclosure. He is also willing to commit the necessary resources to independently and properly investigate your case and to hire expert witnesses, such as police use of force experts, when presenting your case.

When you entrust your case to Chicago civil rights lawyer Morris Anyah, you can be rest-assured that no stone will be left unturned in pursuing justice on your behalf. You will have in your corner a civil rights lawyer with an unprecedented level of commitment to ensuring that you get the justice and financial compensation that you deserve.

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