Personal Injury

Nothing can be more heartbreaking and devastating than an injury you never saw coming. It can have severe and long-lasting consequences for you and your family, including lost days from work, chronic physical pain and suffering, depression and emotional distress, loss of earning capacity, gainful employment and future employment, huge medical bills and possible financial ruin, permanent disfigurement and disability, and even death.

It is not enough to hear the word “sorry” in such situations. “Sorry” cannot right wrongs which can have a lifetime of consequences for an innocent and injured person. You need a Chicago personal injury attorney who will vigorously and aggressively pursue all possible claims against all parties involved, regardless of whether it is an individual, an insurance company, or a governmental agency or municipality.

That is why you need to give careful thought to which Chicago personal injury attorney you want to entrust such important matters to. In making that decision, consider the experience of the attorney and his or her willingness to commit the resources that are necessary to properly investigate and aggressively pursue your case.

Attorney Anyah has brought suit on behalf of injured plaintiffs in all varieties of personal injury cases during his legal career. He has sued individuals; property management companies; large corporations such as J.C. Penney Corporation, Inc., municipal entities such as the Housing Authority of the City of Atlanta, and he has handled automobile accident cases involving major insurance companies, such as Allstate, State Farm, GEICO, AFLAC, AIG, Progressive, and St. Paul Insurance.

Whether it is an automobile accident or slip and fall that results in serious injury, or medical malpractice that results in wrongful death, you can expect immediate and aggressive action on your behalf to obtain just compensation for your pain, suffering, medical bills, inconvenience, loss of earning capacity, and any other consequences flowing from your injury.

“When results matter – choose the right lawyer.” “We receive no fees unless we win!”

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