The Law Office of Morris A. Anyah has successfully handled countless cases for Chicago area residents facing serious drug possession or distribution charges. Whether it is simple possession or possession with the intent to deliver, or manufacture and delivery of a controlled substance, our vast experience with such cases gives us the edge ins fighting for your acquittal. Through our many years of experience, we at the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah have learned valuable skills and legal strategies that we put to use on a daily basis when defending clients just like you.

At the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, we take defending drug possession cases seriously and, consequentially, we have attained a large share of successful results. Clients throughout Chicago who have been charged with drug offenses have been counting on us for many years, and they have seen such results as the suppression from evidence of all seized or recovered drugs and dismissal of the case outright, the dropping of charges by the prosecution, or the reduction of potential sentences if all else fails.

When you put your trust in the Law Office of Morris A. Anyah, we will work tirelessly to meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We work with everyone from prosecutors to the police to expert and civilian witnesses, in order to find a suitable way to succeed in your drug possession case. If you are facing a felony or misdemeanor drug case in state or Federal court in the Chicago area, make sure you have us on your side to increase your chances of success.

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