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Top Reasons to Hire Morris A Anyah for Your Civil Rights Lawyer:

– It can be difficult to know when you require the services of a Civil Rights Lawyer. If your civil rights have been violated, it may be time to speak with an attorney who specializes in the mistreatment of character, such as violations of race, religion, gender, or disability. If you’re still not certain whether your situation warrants the assistance of a professional, it’s a good idea to find a Civil Rights Lawyer who offers free consultations to prospective clients. Feel free to call the Law Offices of Morris A Anyah at 312-528-9022 for a free case evaluation. You’ll be glad you called.

– If you’ve recently lost a job due to discrimination, or have been refused the opportunity to apply for a job due to your race, religion, or gender, you may have a case against the company in question. The fact is, you have the legal right to apply for and be considered for any job in the US that any other citizen can apply for. In some cases, an employee’s rights may be infringed upon if they lose a job through the discrimination of a boss or another employee. If this is the case, you should speak with Attorney Anyah immediately.

– In Chicago, false arrests and malicious prosecution are all too common. Don’t be led to believe that something of this nature is acceptable, simply because it is commonplace. If you have been falsely arrested based on your race, you need representation to clear the arrest and bring the responsible party to justice. Persons in positions of trust and authority are sworn to uphold the law and are required to do so without discriminating against social classes, cultures, genders or race. If you need to speak with a Civil Rights Lawyer about the details of your case, we invite you to call Morris A Anyah at 312-528-9022. Your free consultation can provide insight into the next steps you should take.

– If you feel justice was not extended and your civil rights have been violated, there is no better Civil Rights Lawyer in Chicago to handle your case. Attorney Anyah offers relentless, aggressive, and persistent representation on your behalf. While civil rights cases can be difficult and complex to investigate, Attorney Anyah believes that the effort and time spend in doing so are justified, and will commit the necessary resources to your case. Call now for a level of commitment that is not often lived up to in the field of civil rights law.

Your free case evaluation is just a phone call away. Feel free to use the time spent in discussing your case to ask any questions you have and write down the free advice offered by attorney Anyah. In the end, you’ll find that when results matter, your choice of attorney will make all the difference. Be sure you have the best Civil Rights Lawyer available in your corner.

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